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Elevate your Airbnb: Design Tips To Boost Bookings And Income

Are you wondering how to best furnish your holiday rental or airbnb to get the most bookings and increase revenue? I think that bland neutrals are boring and interesting design is what plays the biggest role next to location when it comes to successfully marketing your space. I have broken down how to furnish your holiday rental to stand out from the crowd in 8 easy steps so that you get the most design for your money. If you want to know more I´m happy to show you.

Design A Stunning Outdoor Space In 5 Easy Steps

Being confined to our homes so much in the past years has made us appreciate our living spaces a lot more. In the warm season our balconies and terraces or gardens (you lucky duck, you) have become an extension of our indoor living spaces. So today I want to show you how to create an outdoor room in 5 easy steps that will be a perfect extension of your living space this summer.

Designing The Ultimate Home Office

To the horror of my husband, I have always dreamt of a serene home office with pale pink walls and gold accents. in this before and after, I explain all the considerations that go into planning a great home office (or any office for that matter) and how to give your work space depth and personality.

Three Ideas For Your Small Balcony

It is fantastic to have even the smallest of balconies but it can be a challenge to make the best use of the limited space. Find out how you can make your small balcony both function and stylish.

How To Design A Color Scheme For Your Home

In the world of impeccably designed spaces, purposeful color schemes take the spotlight. Artist have thought about how to best categorize color and how colors work together for centuries. The resulting color wheel is what all successful color schemes are based on and there is method to the madness of picking a color scheme for your favorite room. If you want to know about which traditional color schemes work and how these could look in your space then this post is for you.

How Do You Create A Home Office Layout?

If you have a designated room as a home office, it usually serves multiple additional purposes: storage area, laundry area and guest bedroom come to mind. Here I´d like to share two optimal layouts for your home office that help it serve multiple functions in addition to being a beautiful and inspiring place to work.

How To Create A Contemporary, Stylish Living Room On Any Budget

Do you want to redesign a living room but are wondering how you can achieve a sleek, contemporary look? Do you have budget limitations and think you cannot afford anything but Ikea furniture? Online furniture retailers are revolutionizing the market with their product offerings and are changing the way we will furnish our homes. Let me show you how you can redesign a living room with the help of edesign to create a stylish, luxurious living space for you and your family.

How To Make The Best Use of Your Small Balcony

If you have a small balcony but are stuck on how to make the best use of the space then this one is for you! Wether you want to use your balcony for drinks with your best friend on a balmy summer evening or want to read a good book on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, I am sharing the ideal outdoor solution if you´d like to see.