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How To Create A Contemporary, Stylish Living Room On Any Budget

I often get asked how much it will cost to redesign an entire room with eDesign (meaning online interior design where an entire design concept is developed online – check it out here) and my answer is usually…it depends. Frustrating, I know! But in all honesty it really is up to what your needs and wants are. If you love designer pieces and original art, redesigning a room will cost you more than if you are happy with framed prints and big box furniture pieces. Thankfully the revolution of the furniture industry has been accelerated due to COVID and the variety of furniture and decor that is being offered online has changed dramatically in the past 12 months (at least that is good news).

To help you gain a better idea of how much money you will need to budget for when planning to redesign your space with the help of eDesign, I would like to show you two different examples for a standard-sized living room. The first living room will be on the lower-mid range of the scale and the second one on the upper-mid range. Of course it is always possible to redesign rooms on a smaller budget but I always try to mix furniture from different vendors in my designs in order to add visual interest and an eclectic vibes and that usually involves mixing in a couple of more high-end pieces. Let´s get to it!

First up the layout and furniture requirements for the room. The room is around 27 square meters with three windows with a seating area, dining table, lowboard for the TV and a bookshelf.

These are the furniture pieces we are looking for :

  • 3 Seater sofa

  • Accent chair

  • Coffee table

  • Side table with a table lamp

  • Floor lamp

  • Sideboard with a table lamp

  • Lowboard

  • Large area rug

  • Dining table seating 4 people

  • Dining chairs

  • Bookcase

  • 3 Pieces of Art – two above the sofa and one above the sideboard

  • Curtains

For both rooms I decided on a contemporary design aesthetic with furniture pieces in grey, black and white with wood tones to add some cozyness. The color is added through art and accessories instead of through the main pieces. If you furnish a room with a neutral color scheme, you can always have fun by changing the mood of the room through the addition of different colors in easily changeable accessories such as cushions. I don´t know about you but I even have a different set of cushions for summer and winter to change the way my living room feels! Ok, enough about my throw cushions – let´s get back on track here. So first up:

1. The Luxurious Living Room Design Concept

The furniture shapes here are timeless and will still look good 10 years down the line. The pendant light with glass orbs above the dining table immediately draws the eye and makes a statement. Warm wood tones contrast with black metal in the sideboard, lowboard, dining table and in the bookcase. The sleek glass coffee table offers plenty of storage for all the things that you need to have on hand and out of sight. Modern art and graphic accent pillows give this room a moody, contemporary vibe. Total budget: € 11.111,-

2. The Contemporary, Chique Living Room Design Concept

Here the wood tones used are a bit lighter and I mixed in a trace of blush pink to soften the harsher lines of the furniture. An interesting mixture of shapes in the lighting used draws the eye around the room. The high pile maroccan carpet adds luxury and the abstract art adds color and interest. Total budget: €4.600,-

As you can see, it is easy to create a beautiful, contemporary living room on any budget! Just don´t forget to plan in an additional 10%-15% for shipping when you plan to buy your furniture online and order samples when you can, to make sure the colors are correct and go together. A lot of online furniture shops now also have small showrooms in major cities so that you can have a look at different materials. What do you think? Which look would you go for – luxurious or contemporary chique? Let me know in the comments!

Nora Timmel-Ferch

Nora Timmel-Ferch

Join me on a Design Journey! Follow my blog for practical tips and ideas on how to create stunning living areas that suit your style and preferences.