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Design A Stunning Outdoor Space In 5 Easy Steps

As we have been confined to our homes so much in the past years, this pandemic has made us appreciate our space a lot more. In the warm season our balconies and terraces or gardens (you lucky duck, you) have become an extension of our indoor living spaces. So today I want to show you how to create an outdoor room that will be a perfect extension of your living space this summer. Let us look at the questions you need to ask yourself when designing a functional and stylish outdoor space.

1. What Do You Need?

This is the first question you need to answer! Everybody wants different things from their outdoor space. Do you enjoy having breakfast outside with your partner in the sun? Plan for a nice round table in a sunny corner with two comfy chairs. You enjoy reading a book in the afternoon? Invest in a comfy lounge chair where you can prop up your feet. Do you love entertaining? A great dining table is what you need in your outdoor space.  Do you have a family with kids? An outdoor lounge will offer you a comfortable space to sit and watch your kids play. Functionality is key to any space you create outdoors  (and anywhere really) so ask yourself how you dream of using your outdoor room!

2. What Kind Of Mood Do You Want To Create?

Sleek and contemporary or playful and romantic? Ask yourself what your style is. If you don’t know, browse outdoor spaces on Pinterest or Houzz to find the spaces that inspire you and make your heart sing. Pin all of the things you love and then look over it with a critical eye. Do some objects or looks keep reappearing? This means your style is emerging! Now you can narrow down your choices when you start looking for furniture pieces. Taking the time to define the mood you want to create will make the entire process of looking for furniture pieces and plants a lot easier!

3. Start Looking For Your Key Piece!

Whenever I start working on a design, I look for one inspirational piece that inspires the entire design. It might be a pillow, a decorative item or a piece of furniture. Once I have that one piece, the design flows easily from there and I start adding furniture pieces that will fit the look I am going for. A well chosen key piece can really guide the entire design process so choose something that makes your heart sing.

4. Get Lit.

Light is a central element in creating a cozy atmosphere outside – especially if you plan to use it at nighttime. Led lighting has revolutionized outdoor lighting and there are great choices to light your outdoor space. Just adding a dimmable Led table lamp will make your evening so much more enjoyable (and romantic)!

5. Add The Finishing Touches

Outdoor carpets are fantastic for covering unsightly or splintery floors. They not only help to define a space but will instantly add comfort and functionality. Pillows are a great way to add instant character to a space. Just make sure you invest in high quality outdoor pillows or you will be left with a faded, moldy version of your previous glorious pillow!  And then breathe  some life into the space by adding vibrant flowers and plants – because after all this is an outdoor space and nature should be present when you are spending your time outdoors 

You’ve done it! Give yourself a pat on the back as you sip your wine, anticipating the joy of sharing your stylish outdoor space with friends. And before you get started on that glass of wine, you can find some more great blogposts and tips here,  here and here to help you crate your dream outdoor space.

I´d love to hear from you! Share your dreams for the perfect outdoor space in the comments below. Whether it’s your ideal seating arrangement, favorite outdoor decor, or creative lighting ideas – I am looking forwards to hearing your thoughts!

Nora Timmel-Ferch

Nora Timmel-Ferch

Join me on a Design Journey! Follow my blog for practical tips and ideas on how to create stunning living areas that suit your style and preferences.