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Three Ideas For Your Small Balcony

What the last two years of the pandemic have shown us is that anyone who owns any kind of outdoor space can consider themselves extremely lucky! After all, day 10 of lockdown becomes a lot more bearable if you can sip your coffee on your tiny balcony instead of at your kitchen table.

However, furnishing a small outdoor space can be extremely challenging. All the outdoor furniture you see in magazines feature large lounge spaces with enough seating for 10 people (and sadly, those are not going to be present in your home as guest at the next lockdown). The reality is that most balconies are relatively small – on average they measure 1,2 x 3 meters. If you are lucky you will have 2 x 3 meters of outdoor space. This fact does not seem to feature on the design boards of outdoor furniture companies a lot because stylish, small scale outdoor furniture pieces are hard to find (I’d love to change that – so shout out to any outdoor furniture companies: I’d love to design an affordable range of stylish small scale outdoor pieces for city dwellers. Drop me a line..). To help you out, I have come up with three solutions for making the best use of your small outdoor space.

1. Create A Comfy Reading Area On Your Small Balcony

Create a cozy area for reading a book, drinking your coffee or getting some work done on your laptop. Buy a beautiful lounge chair that reflects your style, add a pouf so you can put up your feet and finish it off with a side table where your can place your cup of coffee. Put in one or two potted plants and get some greenery up on the wall or the banister of your balcony. Now go ahead and enjoy the rest of your summer!

2. Design A Romantic Dining Area For A Small Balcony

If you are like me, you enjoy nothing more than dining outside. So why not create a romantic dining nook on your balcony.? Get a small bench and pop on some pillows for color and comfort. A small square table will fit nicely and offer enough space for two people to dine. Add a unique chair that is visually interesting and ties in with the color of the pillows. Add some planters with herbs that you can use to cook a delicious meal. A bottle of wine and a candle and you are set for a romantic evening.

3. Make The Most Out Of Any Small Balcony With A Miniature Outdoor Lounge

At least some outdoor furniture companies have answered the fervent prayers, I have been saying every spring and have brought mini outdoor sofas to the market. These are in between 120 cm and 150 cm in size and therefore ideally suited for small outdoor spaces. So if you have a at least 2×2 meters of outdoor area, and you love lazing around on a sofa, this is the best solution for you. Find a small coffee table and a nice accent chair and you are all set. 

Are your inspired yet? If you need more ideas on how to create the perfect outdoor area you can check out my posts on How to make best use of your small balcony and Designing a stunning outdoor space in 5 easy steps. And if you need any personal advice on finding the right pieces for your outdoor space, don´t hesitate to get in touch!

Nora Timmel-Ferch

Nora Timmel-Ferch

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