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Design Ideas

Elevate Your Space With Affordable Art

Art is one of my favorite ways to make walls come alive and your personality shine in your home. They are the handbags of the home – a way to bring more style and quirkiness to any outfit. Here I share my favorite affordable online art sources that I have used in my past projects.

Three Ideas For Your Small Balcony

It is fantastic to have even the smallest of balconies but it can be a challenge to make the best use of the limited space. Find out how you can make your small balcony both function and stylish.

How Do You Create A Home Office Layout?

If you have a designated room as a home office, it usually serves multiple additional purposes: storage area, laundry area and guest bedroom come to mind. Here I´d like to share two optimal layouts for your home office that help it serve multiple functions in addition to being a beautiful and inspiring place to work.

How To Make The Best Use of Your Small Balcony

If you have a small balcony but are stuck on how to make the best use of the space then this one is for you! Wether you want to use your balcony for drinks with your best friend on a balmy summer evening or want to read a good book on a relaxing Sunday afternoon, I am sharing the ideal outdoor solution if you´d like to see.

One Room Two Ways – Romantic vs. Boho Bedroom

Are you ever stuck when it comes to designing a room because you can´t imagine it looking any differently than it does right now? Do you want to know what thoughts go into developing a design concept ? Explore two completely different looks for the same bedroom – Boho Chic and Romantic Drama – and find out how the design concepts for both were developed.

Pimp Your Powder Room

Do you have a small, boring powder room at home and have no idea how it could possibly become more interesting? This is the room where you can have the most fun! Go crazy with color , texture and pattern to give it character. I´ve gathered some great examples of how you can easily pimp your powder room if you´d like to see.