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Elevate Your Space With Affordable Art

Why Art Matters in Your Interior Design Project

Ok, let´s talk about one of my favorite things – art! To me, art is like the stunning piece of jewelry that makes a beautiful outfit look outstanding. In any design concept I develop, art is essential to give the room real depth and dimension. Some of my clients have a few nice pieces of art that we can use in a room but most of the time the art people own is too small for the space (hello small painting inherited from Grandma), something a client picked up at Ikea (kill me right now) or a piece they actually don´t really like anymore. However, people get a slightly panicked look in their eyes once I mention that we need art for the room. Because art is always EXPENSIVE, right?

Busting the Myth: Art Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Of course you can pay thousands upon thousands for a piece of art by a known artist. If the piece captures your imagination and you can afford it then go for it! But it doesn´t have to be that way. The internet is the great equalizer when it comes to art. We now have access to art from artist from around the world at a great range of prices at our fingertips. So say goodbye to the Monet art print you bought at Ikea ten years ago and have a look at some of the sites I love and regularly use when shopping for my clients.

Emerging Artist at Your Fingertips: Minted

First on my list is minted. Minted offers art and wall murals as well as stationary. They have a great range of art prints and the more exclusive – and therefore more expensive – limited editions. You can search by style or color and once you find a piece you love, you can check out the other work by the same artist. You can order each print in several sizes (so you can go really big!) and can decide between ordering the print only or having it framed. I have not tried their framing service as I have an awesome source for framing here in Vienna and I figure that shipping all the way to Europe will make it more expensive than framing locally. I love that minted features the work of young, emerging artist and they really curate excellent pieces. I have also been really happy with the quality of their prints.Here is a selection of minted art pieces I really love.

From left to right: 1.Going for a Swim by Whitney Deal: This reminds me of hot sizzling vacation days where all you want to do is dive into a cold pool and stay under water for as long as you can hold your breath. 2.Plant Cell 4 by Mary Gaspar: my parents started collecting art back in the 70s and have a lot of abstract pieces that I love. This print would totally fit in their collection and I´d hang it on my walls in a heartbeat. 3.Do It Anyway 2 by Kristi Kohut: love the colors! I used this in this bedroom.

Juniqe: A Playground for Whimsy

For those of you based in Germany, Berlin’s Junique offers young and whimsical art prints. Their prints are more graphic work and they have a lot of prints with typography. I am always a bit careful with typography because I feel it can get real cheesy real quick and not a lot makes my cut. I have sourced quite a bit of art from here for kids rooms, they have a really great selection.

From left to right : 1.Tequila from Mottos by Sinan Saydik: Tequila and bad decisions – who has´t been there? It certainly reminds me of a couple of misspent nights in my youth! 2. Milan 77 by Bo Lundberg: The Atollo table lamp is a design classic that was introduced in 1977. I like the clean graphics and the pops of retro colors on this print. 3.Giraffe by Paul Fuentes: A giraffe blowing a pink bubblegum bubble. I love this print and have actually used it in a girls bedroom.


The Site for Photography Lovers: Lumas

If you love photography, then look no further than Lumas for the next piece of art for your walls. They mainly have photography but also photography mixed with graphical elements. It is a little on the pricier side but they really have fun and visually exciting pieces.

From left to right: 1.NYC Balloons by Robert Jahns: OH JOY! This is such a happy picture that makes me feel all light and airy. 2. Adria VI by Bernhard Lang: Have you ever spent a vacation on the beaches in the northern Adriatic Sea? Then you know what this picture represents and can smell suncream, feel the flirtation with the italian stud under the umbrella next to yours and taste the gelato 3. Santa Rosa II by Guachinarte: This somehow makes me feel sentimental and reminds me of old hotels I used to stay at with my family in the Philippines. And feelings are what art is all about!

London´s Best Kept Secret: Hoxton Art House

Last but not least,  Hoxton Art House. Hoxton Art House is a design studio based in London, that prints its pieces on cotton canvas. Here you can really go big because these prints are absolutely affordable!

From left to right: 1.Love From Above:  I adore the colors here. So happy! I actually think this could look really great in my new office 2. Aperol Girl: my favorite drink forever and ever. Plus it gets some great color onto the wall! 3. Mum´s the WordI find this quite sexy and it comes in a shadow frame as well! Perfect for the bedroom.

Your Turn!

These are just some of the online art sources I love using on a regular basis. What about you?  Are you ready to elevate your living space with the perfect pieces of art? Don’t hesitate; beautiful, affordable art is just a click away. If you have any art sources that you love, I´d love to hear!  Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Nora Timmel-Ferch

Nora Timmel-Ferch

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